S&B’s History

October 29, 2008

In 1922, Stelter & Brinck, Ltd. was founded as a manufacturer’s representative agency selling the first industrial burners and controls. Over the years, S&B built a second-to-none reputation among their customers not only for quality equipment, but also for engineering expertise and excellent service. As more and more customers began looking to Stelter & Brinck for complete packaged systems, the company began making the transformation from representative agency to manufacturer.

Today, Stelter & Brinck has been designing and manufacturing industrial combustion equipment out of Cincinnati, Ohio for over 50 years. We are proud of our long history as a supplier of combustion solutions to industry but we are most grateful for our heritage of honesty and quality as reflected in our company motto: “Treat The Customer As You Would Be Treated.”

Because we embody our motto in every aspect of our work, we partner with our customers to ensure each customer is provided with the highest quality services from engineering through equipment start-up. We keep our customers informed at all stages of a project, no matter how small or large. Our customers’ needs become our needs and their problems become our problems.

With over 80 years of experience, S&B is here today, and in the future, to support your combustion needs.

Industrial Burner Services in Ohio

September 24, 2008

Stelter & Brinck has a long history in process heat systems. We are located west of Cincinnati, Ohio. However, we have a world-wide service network.  Our technicians are thoroughly trained with OSHA annual training and are very experienced. Our technicians have worked with many brands of burners and controls.They are also supported by mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers.

Services performed by our technicians include:

-Stelter & Brinck’s “Scheduled Burner Maintenance Program”

-Combustion Equipment Parts


-Field Rebuilds/Upgrades/Retrofitting


For more information call us: 513-367-9300

Visit: www.stelterbrinck.com

Stelter & Brinck’s Combustion Field Services are Unbeatable!!

September 22, 2008

Founded in 1980, 3-Sigma manufactures high-quality, specialized and customized, pressure-sensitive adhesive products. They are one of the few companies that formulate and test their permanent, removable, and repositionable adhesive products in-house. In addition, 3-Sigma has the most flexible and versatile manufacturing capabilities in the industry and thus, can produce labels for many different applications and environments.

3-Sigma’s technical expertise enables them to meet each customer’s “exact needs”. Not only does 3-Sigma offer the lowest minimum in the industry, but to provide customers with the best solution to their adhesive needs, 3-Sigma will also help with product design and will give material recommendations. By enabling customers to deliver the highest quality products on-time to their end users, 3-Sigma helps customers secure new business. From pharmaceutical, health and beauty to business form and technical products, 3-Sigma provides labels for some of the most widely recognized companies in virtually every industry. 3-Sigma has built a reputation second-to-none.

As the premier provider of adhesive products, 3-Sigma relies on Stelter & Brinck to help them maintain their position in the market. 3-Sigma’s Maintenance and Engineering Manager, Randy Corns, states that they look to Stelter & Brinck to continually rebuild, upgrade, and service their equipment because “Stelter & Brinck is the real deal; [their] technicians are not only experts, but are backed by S&B’s world-class engineering department.”

Corns can’t say enough about the impact Stelter & Brinck has had on 3-Sigma. Corns states, “Stelter & Brinck makes my life easier and our business more profitable!” Corns goes on to say, “S & B has helped our company save tremendous amounts of energy.” He believes that, “using Stelter & Brinck’s Scheduled Burner Maintenance Program, quarterly, lengthens the life of our equipment and reduces our operating costs.” According to Corns, “Before S & B upgraded our ovens, our frustrations were enormous. We were constantly fighting nuisance shut-downs. Thanks to Stelter & Brinck upgrades, we have more uptime and consequently ship more product. Now we’re happy and so are our customers.”

Process Heat Equipment Test-Firing

April 28, 2014

For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/in-house-equipment-test-firing/

               Installing new process heat equipment into your plant does not have to come with start-up issues, delays and complications; Stelter & Brinck’s in-house test-firing program helps companies adhere to tight schedules and avoid installation and start-up problems.

               All equipment is tested and tuned in our facility before shipment. Various fuels up to 30mm BTU/hr can be tested at the facility. The results are recorded and given to the customer, along with factory settings and flow rates. 

Flash Dryers

March 31, 2014

For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/air-heater-for-flash-dryers/

         Pneumatic/flash dryers utilize air heaters as the hot air source. Flash dryers are some of the largest dryers available. The material in this process needs to be susceptible to quick drying; Filter cakes, polymers, granules, and pastes are some products that can utilize flash dryers. Stelter & Brinck’s direct fired air heaters are typically used along with flash dryers. The diagram below will show the how the flash drying process works.



Integrated Process Heating Systems

March 10, 2014

For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/combustion-system-integration/

               Typically when purchasing a new process system, the company will get bids for each piece of equipment. Each individual piece is shipped to the end destination and then assembled together to make up the system. There can be a number of problems associated with this type of purchasing: scheduling, installation, and commissioning.

               Integrated systems by Stelter & Brinck are meant to solve the above issues. S&B designs and manufactures custom process heat equipment units and packages them together, allowing the components to be purchased as an entire system. Installation is easy because prior to shipment the equipment has been test fired in-house. Below is an example of a skidded packaged system.Image

Industrial Dryers: Spray

February 25, 2014

For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/spray-dryers/

            Spray dryers are a type of industrial dryer that are utilized in the food and dairy powder industry. Industrial dryers commonly use process air heaters as their hot air source. Thermal sensitivity will determine what type of air heater (direct or indirect fired) would be used along with the spray dryer.

            A few examples of products that require spray drying are: Inorganic chemicals, instant mixes, and powdered colors. Liquid is pushed through the drying chamber where it is introduced to hot air. At this time the liquid is turned into powder via water evaporation. After drying, the material is separated.

Below is a diagram of a spray dryer.


Oven and Furnaces for Industry

February 10, 2014

For original blog:http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/specialty-ovens-and-furnaces/

Specialty industrial oven and furnaces can be used in a variety of different industries including: heat treating, aluminum aging, and refractory drying and curing. They are heavy duty and suited for high temperatures. These types of process heat equipment are designed and manufactured by Stelter & Brinck to meet each specific industry need.

For more information about Stelter & Brinck’s specialty oven and furnaces please visit: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/specialty.htm

Air Heater Used with Fluid Bed Industrial Dryer

January 14, 2014

For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/fluid-bed-dryers/

               Fluid bed dryers utilizes an air heater for hot air source. These dryers are used for materials that do not vary in size; clay, cement, powder, ect.

               Stelter & Brinck can provide the direct or indirect fired air heater used as the hot air source. As the material passes through the bed they are suspended by high velocity and flow through like they are fluid. The image below goes into greater detail how fluid bed dryers work.


Hiring a Combustion Service Company

August 20, 2013

For original blog:http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/benefits-to-hiring-an-outside-company-for-your-combustion-services/

               Your company might be trying to decide whether to perform combustion service in-house or to hire an outside company. In most cases, it makes more sense to hire a combustion service company. There is a lot of time, money, and work needed to stay up to date on industry codes and standards. To properly service industrial heating equipment it takes expertise and experience; Stelter & Brinck’s service technicians are combustion experts that can help keep your equipment running at optimal capacity.

For more information about Stelter & Brinck’s industrial burner service please call 513-367-9300 or visit: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/combustion_burner_field_services.htm

Combustion Equipment Parts

August 6, 2013

For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/stelter-brincks-combustion-equipment-parts-department/

Stelter & Brinck provides spare parts for all their process heat equipment, as well as parts for a wide variety of other industrial equipment. Flame rods, ignition components, and control valves are just a few of the parts that Stelter & Brinck stocks and sells. If you need replacement or new combustion equipment parts, call Stelter & Brinck for a competitive price.

For more information about our Parts Department, please contact us at 513-367-9300 or http://www.stelterbrinck.com/combustion-equipment-parts.htm

Catalytic Fume Oxidizers

July 23, 2013

For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/catalytic-oxidizers/
thermal oxidizer2

Above is a photo of a catalytic oxidizer designed and manufactured by Stelter & Brinck. Catalytic oxidizers use metal catalyst monolith to eliminate harmful VOCs. For more information about Stelter & Brinck’s catalytic oxidizers please call 513-367-9300 or visit http://www.stelterbrinck.com


July 9, 2013


For original blog: http://www.stelterbrinck.com/blog/thermal-oxidizers/

Above is a photo of a thermal fume oxidizer designed and manufactured by Stelter & Brinck. These oxidizers are a type of environmental equipment that lowers emissions by converting harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to carbon dioxide and water vapor so they can then be safely released into the atmosphere.

For more information about Stelter & Brinck’s thermal oxidizers: 513-367-9300 or http://www.stelterbrinck.com


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